Saturday, 13 March 2010

CHIN07 - The Travelling Mongoose "Amusements"

Edited field-recordings of English amusements arcades by The Travelling Mongoose.

CHIN06 - TOSS "Fran Ken & Stein"

From the same warped brain that brought Oblivian Substanshall, we are jolly well stoked to present a mutant of sound-artertainment ....

"I would describe the seven works on the album as a kind of manic hybridisation of styles where one attempts to embrace an avant-garde sensibility expressing immediate and spontaneous concepts with feelings of chaos, psychedelic interpretation, punk energy and noise, alongside large doses of nonsense and surprise. The title of the album is also a play on such ideas, hence the fractured treatment of the albums title FRAN KEN & STEIN. I set out to treat all the tracks on the album as a kind of audio monster of several different parts, dynamics, intensities, colours and moods."

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Chinstrap - January - March 2010

All the first Chinstrap releases, in one convenient post....

CHIN05 - Various Artists
"Cyclic Bits : The Raymond Scott Variations"

Remixes of Raymond Scott by some of the most inventive composers around.

CHIN04 - Oblivian Substanshall "The Greatest Hits of Oblivian Substanshall....and so on"
Pop songs, spoken-word, radio-art, and drawings from a unique purveyor of timeless English nonsense abstraction. Triple album.

CHIN03 - Martha Moopette, Heather McCallum & Rosalind Noctor "Hedgehogs & Honeybeads"
Electroacoustic soundtrack to award winning dance & animation film.

CHIN02 - Various Artists "Windpipe Moods"
Re-issue of sound-poetry compilation, first released on Mukow CD 2004.

CHIN01 - The Travelling Mongoose
"Singin' In The"
Field-recording sound-collage from a Mongoose who perpetually travels with a sound-recorder.

Monday, 8 March 2010

CHIN05 - Cyclic Bits: The Raymond Scott Variations

"Cyclic Bits" is the first remix album of the music of remarkable composer and inventor Raymond Scott.

This album is a series of reinventions of the work of a true musical maverick, remixed by a host of today's most inventive musical mavericks. The diversity of the release reflects the profound influence Scott's work has had on composers working across the board of styles and approaches.

Originally created as a special for Ergo Phizmiz's Phuj Phactory on WFMU, a projected release never happened. This, at last, is it.

Although this work is FMA licensed, please contact the individual artists regarding any usage permissions.

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Tracky Birthday

Bebe del Banco / Satanicpornocultshop

4,000,000 Telephones


Listen With Sarah

David Fenech

Fireworks Ensemble

Ego Plum

Vernon Lenoir


Automated Acoustics

Felix Kubin

Curator: Ergo Phizmiz

Big, big thanks to all the contributing artists.