Monday, 10 September 2012


We would like to introduce you to ROBODUB, a project from composer & visual artist Simon Mathewson. Seven slices of dub created by robots who have developed impeccable taste, these are superbly crafted genre compositions that sit together like coloured blocks as a superb listening experience, a kind of geometric reggae from a melancholy dystopia. How about that then?

More from Simon Mathewson, including music for synchronised swimming, Victoriana comic strips, and video feedback films here.

Chinmix 02 & Chinmix 03, collated by The Superfools

Continuing our series of mixes on Chinstrap, we continue with two mixes by New Mexico's remarkable sound-collagist The Superfools. 

Chinmix 02 is The Superfools choice of cuttings from the Chinstrap back catalogue, collaged and melded in his own unique fashion.

Chinmix 03 is probably going to be your new favourite mix - a collage of mambo and related music from across the past fifty years, from the artist with a mission to create genuinely Latin-American sample-music. How can you resist?

Chin41: Anthony & Substanshall "Culture Is Not Your Friend"

We are delighted to present the continuing collaboration of Anthony Donovan and Oblivian Substanshall. "Culture Is Not Your Friend" is an hallucinatory journey down a rabbit hole of filth and magic, a meeting of minds that proceed to explode. Dig in!

Like this? Dive into the first Anthony & Substanshall collaboration here.