Chin Mixes

A delicious mash-up of the Chinstrap Back Catalogue by Simon Mathewson, the cheeky chappie behind the recent ROBODUB release.

Continuing our series of mixes on Chinstrap, we continue with two mixes by New Mexico's remarkable sound-collagist The Superfools. 

Chinmix 02 is The Superfools choice of cuttings from the Chinstrap back catalogue, collaged and melded in his own unique fashion.

Chinmix 03 is probably going to be your new favourite mix - a collage of mambo and related music from across the past fifty years, from the artist with a mission to create genuinely Latin-American sample-music. How can you resist?

A selection of choice cuts of sound meat celebrating 40 releases on the Chinstrap netlabel.

Collated by Ergo Phizmiz.

Featuring music from Bebe del Banco, Oblivian Substanshall, Vernon Lenoir, Plushgoolash, Albert Glasser, The Superfools, Martha Moopette & Heather McCallum, The Last Hat Girl & Dwoogie, Vulnavia Vanity & Ergo Phizmiz, Pete Um, Elvis Herod, and Talulah Lotus.

This is the first Chinmix, of which there shall be more! Next up in the series is a rather marvellous mix of mambo by The Superfools. Good. 'Nuff said...

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