Thursday, 28 January 2010

CHIN02 - V/A "Windpipe Moods"

"The compilation eventually passes on a feeling of distanced unreality, of dreams coming true before your very eyes .... this comp is so vital and alive it's practically raw and bleeding. Impossible to package it, put a spin on it; it doesn't seem to represent a single 'scene' that dumb Sunday Times journalists could figure out; sometimes it's impossible to understand. Potentially, this could make you see things anew, renew your own world." - Sound Projector Magazine

A compilation of contemporary sound-poetry and voice/text/phonetic based sound-art, featuring otherwise unreleased tracks by some of the world's leading practitioners, including Jaap Blonk, C Spencer Yeh, Sue Tompkins, Erik Belgum, Penn Kemp, Joerg Piringer, and many more.

Originally released on Mukow CD in 2004, this Ergo Phizmiz curated compilation is available now, free, Creative Commons, 320kbps mp3.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

CHIN01 - The Travelling Mongoose "Singin' In The"

An evocative collage of sound-recordings made during 2009 by UK based sound-artist, filmmaker, and designer The Travelling Mongoose. A multitracked journey through natural and artificial sonic environments, the juxtapositions produce a strange narrative through subtle incongruities, with compositional sense of movement and reflection. "Singin' in The" is an almost theatrical, "mood" piece of sound-art, containing a very quiet Surrealist edge, creating an audio picture of the natural world that doesn't quite behave how we expect it to.

The Travelling Mongoose produces field-recordings, electroacoustic music, electronic music, foley, radio, and rock'n'roll, who has worked extensively across a wide range of contexts across the past fifteen years, including short films, children's animations, rock'n'roll bands, live sound-collage, and mash-up radio.

This is the first release on Chinstrap, the new netlabel from Ergo Phizmiz.

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