Saturday 16 July 2011

Chin25: Plushgoolash "Soup Tennis"

The absolute blinding UBERPOP legend that is Plushgoolash returns for a second Chinstrap release, following on from their eponymous slab of joy in 2010.

The brainchild of Erik Bumbledonk & Bambi Racheed, Plushgoolash produce unforgettable and superbly crafted, playful pop music, infused with the sort of mischief that has been known to take place in Mick Hucknall's jockstrap.

From the gorgeous melody of "Martin Walmsley", the ebullience of "Big Gay Water Fight", to the hilarious simplicity of "Love Song For a Caveman" and the naughty-boy-sets-fire-to-the-nursery spirit of "Fairy Tale", Plushgoolash have created a parallel universe where the laws of pop are turned upside down, inside out, chewed up, and spat out, spattered onto the wall in lovely, lovely shapes.


The Goolash boys also have a finely tuned ear for such delightful sonic desserts as "Weymouth", a gorgeous synth adventure by the sea, "What The Rabbit Said", a sort of Klezmer from hell slowly melting, and the title track "Soup Tennis", which sounds like something akin to an abominable disco falling to pieces, backwards.

So dive in to the world of Bumbledonk & Racheed, the poptastic brilliance that is PLUSHGOOLASH.

Please note: This album does feature some fucks and what-not, so if you don't like the kids to hear words like it, listen to it after they've gone to bed.....

Like this? Try Plushgoolash "Plushgoolash" (2010) , and Erik Bumbledonk's solo project Elvis Herod "Keep It Regal".


  1. Thanks Chinstrap.

    More to come..

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  3. I want to use your " Big Gay Water Fight" for a short movie that i making for a International Film Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico!! The movie name is "Dark Precipice" not for profit or commercial!! here is a short review of the movie: Rebecca and Evelyn are opposite persons, Rebecca is a wild girl that likes to live the moment, while Evelyn is an honest girl that have a lot of dreams in the way. One day they discover that their friendship should have never been. Evelyn and Rebecca have a meeting with their darkest side, while they didn´t have clue, about how hard life will be.!! please!! please!! please!! x( :3

  4. Hi Galo - sorry, only just seen your message. All the material on Chinstrap is Creative Commons licensed, so as long as you credit what the music is, you can use any of it that you like. Cheers, and all the best...