Tuesday 25 May 2010

CHIN08 - Angela Valid - (1) A ball. The invention of a ball. (2) For the home or for the body

Chinstrap are delighted to present a new piece from Angela Valid:

"Iain Chambers and Alexander Jones have been working under the name Angela Valid since 2002.

At irregular intervals.

Additional, somewhat regular members are often drafted in to collaborate in a live environment.

Their most recent activities include a blah blah blah soundtrack, a session on a radio show, a couple of blah blah blah (Arts Council funded) releases and blah fuckin blah piece for Ergo Phizmiz's Faust Cycle.

More info on the internet (link to something)."

And if that's not exciting enough, look how beautiful these two gentlemen are....

Obviously both liberally sprinkled with finest Layamon's Brut....

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