Tuesday 29 October 2013

Chin49: Modersohn-Becker "Wrong!"

Chinstrap is delighted to present Modersohn-Becker's "WRONG!", a solitary journey into DIY music-making. Allow one of the finest theremin-wielding ducks in the world, Greta Pistaceci, to chaperone you on an adventure. Below the image, from the duck's mouth ....


  Modersohn-Becker - 2005-2013: a solitary journey into DIY music-making.

“Starting from approximately 2005 I began to secretly create tracks as Modersohn-Becker. These were incredibly lo-fi affairs: I had no knowledge of music technology or music-making software at the time, and had to make do with whatever was at my disposal.

For the earliest M-B tracks, I used Windows Recorder and a decrepit, taped-together old plastic microphone. I recorded mostly acappella and in one take, without editing the results as I had no way to do so. I would use two Windows Recorder windows, and play from one whilst recording from the other. These recordings were the computer-user equivalent of my childhood experiments of playing with two tape recorders, creating layers by playing from one machine while taping to the other.

I felt incredibly self-conscious about recording, so I would create my M-B tracks sneakily, in a couple of hours, when I was sure I was alone in the house. I just had a desperate need to express myself... somehow. At first these tracks were made just for myself, as a way to relieve my frustration and isolation, but then I gradually and anxiously began uploading some of these to social networking sites in order to get over my insecurity. Because in the end what I wanted was to make a connection with the outside, to know that I existed.

And now, years later, I may be a little more experienced, but the truth is that I still do not quite know what I am doing, though I am compelled to keep doing it. This is me at my purest, in a way. This is what comes out.”

(the above is an edited extract from: http://formsofplay.com/2013/02/07/memory-lane/ for further info please see CD booklet or visit:http://formsofplay.com/diy-musics )

Coming next on Chinstrap Global Enterprises Limiteded, something delightful from Federsel...

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