Tuesday 9 April 2013

Chin46: Elvis Herod "The Pork Belly Rumble"

Elvis Herod is a gentleman whose belly rumbles like no other. A host of African tribesmen undulate in the pulsating ripples of his epic gut, where the memory of pounding rhythm lives in eternal vibrations.

He is a prime Knight of the Realm, a well of flame, hair and flesh in a world of damp squibs.

In this collection, from both his solo and Plushgoolash projects (in collaboration with that gorgeous chubbybub Bambi Racheed), Elvis Herod serves up a feast of delights.

"Clutterbuck" is an electronic reverie, half dreamed by Al Bowlly.

"Glitter is the Devil's Spice" reveals the truth about this evil ingredient.

"The Swine Disco" takes the best of Plushgoolash and feeds it to MDMA'd up pigs.

"Choke" is a radioplay that makes you feel ill.

"A Heightened Sensitivity to Beauty" takes us right back to Elvis' beautiful stomach.

Ladies and Gentleman, ELVIS LIVES!


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