Thursday 5 July 2012

Chin39: Anthony & Substanshall

Chinstrap is delighted to present a new collaboration between Oblivian Substanshall & Anthony Donovan (of Classwar Karaoke and more delights). Music for an industrial-ukulele-blue-cheese-dream, we shall let the gents themselves explain further....

"A mawkish them and us... by turns, or in some way by series, as an inviolate inheritance. our name is barely a republic in its own right, and we are forms of cod hermeneutic, soaking wet, in some hintertland, waiting for email. we are watching our confessions and we cannot get enough. doll hand rings bony bell, or else mall wooden pick with cat head on door. we ird and we can andle tha fink accessory. (one missing bookend, you pickle.) and thee electronic alarm fffffffffffffffffffffffzzzzzzzzz craze out thee batterie BANG BANG BAN GG ... one pair is ever wooden & u don even kno we can list just once before we die, so we are not going to waste it." (Anthony & Substanshall, May 2012)

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