Friday 30 December 2011

Chin30 & Chin31: Elvis Herod "Arab Justice" and "Orson Welles' Dinner"

Two new albums from the behemoth that is Elvis Herod, one half of the mighty Plushgoolash.

This release comprises a retrospective of sorts, with previously unreleased work from 2000-2011, a wash of electronic UNart sound(e)scapes, songs about chickens, songs about dinners, obscene cover versions, micro-epics. It also contains snippets of his forthcoming opera about Mike the Headless Chicken. What more can you ask?

Another album from the king of (c)Hip (s)Hop, you say? Well then ..........

"Orson Welles' Dinner" is Elvis Herod's piano epic, with one piece of decimated piano per course of Orson's table. Recorded December 2011, and followed by a comprehensive trip to the lavatory which is best left to your extremely vivid scatologimagination.


These are the first of a slew of forthcoming Chinstrap releases for 2012. Keep those eyes and ears peeled, and your chin thoroughly strapped.

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